My Gear

Karri’s Gear:

Buoyancy Compensator: SeaQuest Diva XLT – I really like this, instead of the strap across the chest/sternum, I have a velcro wrap around that fits comfortabley acrossed the chest, and the sternum strap is located under the chest.  Also includes an integrated weight system. Definantly made for a woman, not a man!


  • 1st Stage: Oceanic CDX 5 DVT
  • 2nd Stage: Primary- Oceanic GT3        Secondary – Oceanic Swivel 180 Octopus


Wet Suit: Henderson 7mm – women’s

Fins: Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

Mask: Cressi Pursa – We bought this because it was the only one they had that fit me at the time. I like it, it fits perfectly, but the problem I have with it is I can’t buy prescription replacement lenses. I’ve been diving blind!  We’re looking at prescription masks right now.  I’m nearsighted, so there aren’t any slip in deals for me.

Boots: NeoSport 7mm

Gloves: Ocean Sport 5mm

Hood: Oceanic

Camera: Snap Sight Optics Focus Free – cheap underwater 35mm camera that we picked up in Florida.  I’d love to bring my digital SLR under water (my other hobby is photography), but the dang underwater casing costs more than double the camera! Maybe someday…


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  1. come dive ontario and in particular tobermory – google this and u will find lots of wrecks

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