1st Dive of the Year!

Geesh….I haven’t post in months! I did revamp the blog, like the new look?

This weekend we took a dive trip, and I got to do my first dives of the year! (It wasn’t Brian’s first though, since he got his dry suit, the cold doesn’t bother him anymore.) We went with a group of great guys, most of which are members of the Grand Valley Scuba Diver’s Club. Where did we go? We went back to Gilboa Quarry! LOL I find it a tad ironic that my last dive last year was the same place as my first dive this year, especially considering it is out of state for us.  Unfortuantly, since it was the last place I dove, I don’t have any new information to share. I do have a couple pictures of Brian and me though. I didn’t bother bringing my underwater camera, so these were taken by Keith, one of the other diver’s we were with. He got quite a few nice shots (his underwater camera is a lot better than mine) and I think they will be posting them on their website, so don’t forget to check it out.

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