New Scuba Blogger

If you have read any of my posts, or the about me, you’ve noticed me mention my husband. Well he decided to start his own blog. He is much more knowledgeable about scuba than I am, not to mention he thinks he’s funny.

So if you in for an interesting read, go check it out at Right now he’s just getting set up and started, has some info on it, but be sure to check back regularly because  once he gets things going, he’ll probably start sharing some neat tips and tricks (he has quite a few), along great dive locations.


2 Responses

  1. Woohoo Karri and hubby. Welcome to the sport! My name is Tevis and Im the chief cook and bottle washer of I would be tickled if you would mosey on over to our blog at and become a guest author.

    As far as scuba equipment and stuff, if there is any question that I can help with or scuba stuff that I can bring light to for you two, Im just an email away. Also, lets talk about putting some of your schweet apparel on the K2 website. You have my email address captured. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Dive save, will you?


    • Thanks for stopping by Tevis! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I would love to swing by your blog 🙂

      As to adding some of my apparel to you site, I would love to. I was unable to e-mail you from this post, but you can hit me back at

      Dive Safe,

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